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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

wVoIP - Wireless Voice Over Internet Protocol

wVoIP or Wireless Voice Over IP is an emerging technology soon to be reckoned with. In fact wVoIP is gaining so much momentum that the first wVoIP Executive Summit is being held in September 2005 in San Jose, California to discuss the key topics in the emerging wVoIP industry.

Wireless VoIP technology has the Baby Bells and large cellular phone companies taking note. Within the next 3 - 5 years, wVoIP may be replacing the cell phone and landline landscape as we know it today. Instead of parents and children calling on home l phones, wVoIP phones may be more commonplace.


Free VoIP Phone Systems Quotes from BuyerZone.com

wVoIP phones have already penetrated the business market. For companies where employees spend much of their time on the run rather than at their desks, having wVoIP phones make sense. For instance, maintenance staff in a campus setting can benefit from being connected by wVoIP since they are rarely at their desks. wVoIP in this scenario is much cheaper than connecting employees by cell phone since the "desk" is a movable object around the campus.


Business travelers are starting to see the advantage of wVoIP. Wireless VoIP hotspots can generally be found at airports, hotels, café's and other places business travelers frequent. This means that a businessperson with a wVoIP phone can make very cheap calls from anywhere in the world that a wireless hotspot exists.

Some of the cell phone manufacturers are also getting into the game, offering dual-purpose cell / wVoIP hybrid phones. When a user is near a wireless hotspot, the phone will roam to that connection first, saving the user money. When out-of-range of a hotspot the phone will connect to the traditional cell network connection. This dual purpose technology is expected to be in place for some time to come since having wVoIP phones replace cell phones altogether will be a monumental task.

Presently, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, has launched the first metro area wVoIP service. Azulstar Networks and Ecuity offer the basic service for $29.95 per line for unlimited calling to the United States and Canada.Also, in Septermber, 2003, Dartmouth college became the first Ivy League college to embrace wVoIP, offering free softphones to incoming freshmen.

Cable wVoIP service has been slow to come around but interest is brewing. Currently, the cable companies that offer cellular phone service must buy and rebrand this service from other companies, leaving only a 15-percent gross income before expenses on each transaction. With wVoIP, cable companies will be looking to expand this margin to 35-percent. For more information see the wireless VoIP page.



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