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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

VoIP Broadband

Since VoIP broadband has come on the scene, businesses and residential customers alike have noticed that this service is a much cheaper alternative to traditional phone landlines. Global monitoring of business franchises used to plague the industry because of the cost it entails to make international calls.

VoIP broadband has addressed this issue by bringing costs down to less than half of what businesses are typically used to paying. Plus, because of recent advancements in technology VoIP broadband has clearer call quality than landlines.

Just what is a VOIP broadband if I may ask?

To start with, a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) Broadband is a telephone system connected to a computer. In the past, computers gain access to the Internet through regular phone lines with the use of dial-up connections.

You may have noticed how slow internet access was back then at the speeds of 56kbps. This is so because computers share the connection with the local telephone line and in most cases both cannot be used simultaneously.


With the emergence of broadband, Internet service providers like DSL (digital service line), computers connect to a LAN (local area network) at the speeds of 1 to 3mbps and that makes Internet surfing really exciting. Now because of the increased speed, telephone conversation becomes an added feature to the fast service trunk line.

In effect, the analog telephone becomes only a part of a DSL/LAN connection. So, why maintain a regular telephone line when a DSL/LAN connection can provide the voice over service at no additional or at an even lesser cost? Besides, calls can be made anywhere around the globe without any time constraints and hefty charges to worry about.

As demand for VOIP broadband soars, it becomes academic not to expect different digital phone service providers to come in. As the new system provides unlimited local and long distance calls at a fixed monthly rate, digital phone service in the US costs only as little as $ 199 to reflect savings of at least $ 500 annually.

In addition to its cost-effective features, VoIP broadband is usually bundled with an array of functionalities that are typically charged with additional fees over PSTN devices. Talking on the phone while surfing the Net becomes an easy task. Depending on your network set-up, this may require the installation of additional equipment such as a telephone adapter that is usually given by the service provider.

The VoIP broadband system is really simple and you don't need to be a high-tech geek to make an Internet call. Just pick-up the VoIP broadband phone then dial the number (no password or additional numbers to contend with) and you're on. Or make your connection direct to the computer using a headset and with a direct video feed via webcam and you can see and be seen by your counterpart on the other end.

It is important to subscribe to a VOIP broadband provider that offers the lowest monthly rates apart from value-added features and a reliable 24-hour service, in case of troubleshooting.

Consumers are turning to VoIP broadband in record numbers. Now that emergency 911 service is offered by providers there is no reason not to get VoIP broadband service today.


Get with the VoIP program and start saving money today!



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