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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

Satellite VoIP

Satellite VoIP is the last VoIP frontier being conquered. Satellite VoIP is an ideal solution for those in developing nations or remote areas that are currently not serviced or underserved by other telephony solutions. Satellite VoIP combines the global reach of satellite communications with the digital clarity of VoIP. Lately, the major satellite companies have been teaming up with the major VoIP service providers to offer such satellite VoIP solutions to the world at large.

Satellite VoIP or VoSAT requires its own hardware and software solutions since traditional VoIP solutions don't work well when paired with the large satellite companies services. The is because quality of service (QoS) is the major issue when dealing with satellite service. Satellite latency may disrupt VoIP signals providing an unacceptable level of QoS. The large satellite companies, however, have come up with a solution similar to those used on traditional VoIP servers, which is to prioritize VoIP data packets and set aside bandwidth on the satellite just for VoIP calls. Advanced voice compression techniques have also helped solve the degradation issue.


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Two of the big satellite companies, Hughes Electronics and SkyFrames have teamed up with two of the big VoIP providers, Net2Phone and Vonage, respectively. Net2Phone's inexpensive dialing plans work well with the business model of Hughes Electronics and the two partners expect to roll out service in the telecom starved areas of Africa first. Net2Phone's VoIP service will be enabled through Hughes' DW6040 Voice Appliance terminals on Direcway.


Other rollouts by the Vonage and SkyFrames pairing has also already occurred by deploying some free satellite VoIP services to servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan. The pairing of VoIP and satellite will help many satellite companies currently offering television and Internet service to keep up with the cable companies by offering satellite VoIP service as well.

The main target, however, for the satellite companies will be to expand voice over satellite services overseas. This will help developing nations bypass the lengthy process of building a standard telephone network infrastructure on the ground and jump into the here and now quickly. Australia corporation, Multiemedia with their NewSat division has already rolled out satellite VoIP service to Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Northern Africa. Multiemedia has also acquired Airworks to help in this endeavor.

Satellite VoIP or VoSAT is the wave of the future. For those already familiar with satellite technology, satellite VoIP will be just one more service that can be bundled with say cheap satellite TV and save the consumer money. Also, voice over satellite service will provide remote and developing nations a method in which to play catch up in the field of technology and communications without the time or expense of a traditional telephone network. Satellite VoIP will connect the world in a way that it has never before been interconnected.

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. - Timbuk 3


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