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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

Internet Phones

Internet phones are all the rage within the VoIP (Voice Over IP) industry. When Alexander Graham Bell first uttered, "Watson, come here. I want to see you" he hadn't a clue how voice traveling over a wire would change the world. Bell also couldn't fathom that 130 years later that Internet phones would be helping people around the world communicate quickly, clearly and cheaply. But, if he were alive today, he most surely would be fascinated by it.

Today's Internet phones come in three different varieties. The first kind is comprised on a headset and software phone (or soft-phone) that resides on a PC. The user can download a free service such as Skype or Google Talk and in minutes be talking to other uses halfway around the world and not spending a penny.

The second kind of Internet phone is a VoIP hardware telephone with a built-in adapter made for plugging directly into your home router that is set up for broadband and has an Ethernet connection. Or, the VoIP phone can plug directly into the USB port of the computer. The advantage of plugging into the router is that the PC doesn't have to be turned on in order for the Internet phone to operate. Internet phones that are plugged into the USB port, on the other hand do have to have the computer turned on to operate.

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The third kind of Internet phone is actually a regular telephone that uses an VoIP telephone adapter to change it into an Internet phone. This adapter is usually supplied to users by the VoIP service provider at a nominal charge. The latest round of Internet phone adapters has far superior voice quality than software telephones since software phones usually have to share processing time with other programs running on the computer.

Depending upon the hardware manufacturer or VoIP service provider, setup of the Internet phones may be simple plug-n-play procedures or fairly problematic. Common problems exist between Internet phones and routers, so make sure that the router is up to the task of handling the demands of your brand of Internet phone. A firewall can also create problems when installing an Internet phone as the telephone may need access to certain ports. This information should be provided by the Internet phone's vendor.


Another problem unique to Internet phones are power outages. Landlines typically provider their own power and will work even in blackouts. Since making VoIP 911 calls during a blackout will be impossible, many people also insist on having a UPS auxiliary power source in order to use the Internet phone in an emergency. It is also wise to check with the service provider to see how that handle E911 service before subscribing to the service.




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