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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

Free VoIP

Free VoIP is now being offered by several carriers. Skype has offered free VoIP for sometime now with peer-to-peer calling. Lately, though, others have been jumping into the free VoIP market, challenging Skype's future market share. Free VoIP means consumers can call each other from PC to PC located anywhere in the world.

In fact, Yahoo! has just announced its free VoIP service and free VoIP-mail messages can be left for friends who are away from their desks. According to Brad Garlinghouse, Vice President of Yahoo's Communications Unit, "Talking to your computer no longer means you are crazy. It means you are smart, because you are taking advantage of innovative technology and a unique combination of features that only Yahoo Messenger offers."


Free VoIP Phone Systems Quotes from BuyerZone.com

Free VoIP was innovated by Skype, however, a software company headquartered in Luxembourg. Skype was the first and remains the largest VoIP company offering free VoIP service between those who have the free VoIP software downloaded on their PC's, Macs and PDA's. Skype also offers low-cost solutions for those who wish to make VoIP calls from their PC's to traditional phones.


Other free VoIP service providers include PC-Telephone, Earthlink, and Free World Dial-Up by Pulver. PC-Telephone allows users to make unlimited free PC-to-PC calls over Internet. The IP address of the dialer and receiver is used as the phone number. The one drawback for this method is for users who do not have static IP addresses. With Verizon DSL for instance, a user is assigned a dynamic IP address every time the connect to the Internet.

In October 2004, Earthlink rolled out its "EarthLink Free Online Calling" VoIP service. According to Tom Andrus, vice president of products and services at EarthLink, "EarthLink Free Online Calling is part of our overall strategy to develop and deploy a full suite of data and voice-based communication applications. With the debut of EarthLink's latest VoIP service, our broadband subscribers can call and talk with friends and family over the Internet for free."

Free World Dial-up allows users to make free phone calls using any broadband connection using devices that follow Internet standards. This can be a 'regular' telephone connected to a packetizer, an IP Phone or any number of free soft-phones (software for the PC or PDA). Free World Dial-Up says it is the largest open network service provider for person-to-person, advanced, real-time IP communications. The FCC had granted the petition by Pulver declaring Free World Dialup's end-to-end IP communications as an unregulated interstate information service.

There are other free VoIP services currently on the market or being developed. Google is just one of them. Many companies see the advantage of offering free VoIP service in order to market other VoIP-related products and services that will be of benefit to their bottom lines. Like any new emerging market, the current players are jockeying for position with additional players coming onboard all the time.


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