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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

Flyfone Free Phones

Flyfone is a bit confusing since there seem to be two providers operating under the same name. One provider is at flyfone.com and offers unlimited calling in the U. S. and Canada for $29.95. The other Flyfone is at flyfone.net, (which redirects to the intelefone.net site) and offers a free Internet telephone.

Flyfone.net is offering low-cost VoIP calls and a free VoIP phone to boot. Flyfone.net is unique in that it is both a dialup and broadband VoIP phone at the same time. With Flyfone.net you don't hear the constant buzzing that some carriers provide. The calls are crystal clear.

Flyfone.net phones have reportedly been the ideal companion for those traveling with a laptop. For only $14.95 per month you can travel anywhere and call anywhere in the world by just plugging your Flyfone.net phone into your laptop anywhere there is an Internet connection.

One of the big advantages of this Flyphone free phone is that the dialup connection can assist those using dialup to both make the transition to VoIP and to broadband, when the time comes. Flyfone.net is also offering some incentive-laced deals to partners who wish to join them in the booming VoIP marketplace.

VoIP Service Providers pic


Flyfone.com is a whole different ballgame. The dot com version of Flyfone offers travel phones, network phones and telephone adapters. Their unlimited calling plan offers free Flyfone-to-Flyphone calling, call forwarding, caller ID, redial and an online account management system. Besides the unlimited calling plan for $29.95 per month, Flyfone.com offers other calling plans starting at $5.95 per month.

No matter which Flyfone you choose, you'll get great VoIP calls at a fraction of the cost of regular landline service. As Snoop Dog may say, "Since the Flyfone is fly, then you must buy." Or something like that.




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