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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

Cable VoIP

Cable VoIP is coming of age in 2007. Cable VoIP jumped by 900-percent in sales from 2003 to 2004 according to Infonetics Research. Most of the jump in cable VoIP sales in 2004 were from vendors Time Warner and Cablevision. New cable VoIP players have stepped up recently, however, and are aggressively marketing their cable VoIP services in their particular markets.

On of the biggest players is Cox Communications, touted as the third largest cable provider in the nation is getting in on the cable VoIP action as well. Cox has achieved a 40-percent market penetration with cable VoIP in its Omaha, Nebraska and Orange County, California markets. Cox has added VoIP service to its traditional cable telephone service and is now the 11th largest telecommunications company in the nation.


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Time Warner Cable is adding 10,000 new VoIP subscribers per week and Cablevision is adding 1000 subscribers per day as the hot market is just getting started. Cable giant Comcast was test marketing cable VoIP service in three markets in 2004 and will market cable VoIP to 15 million homes by the end of 2005. In 2004, only 2-percent of the households with cable were signed up for cable VoIP service, but this figure is expected to exceed 15-percent by the end of 2007.


Cable providers nearly doubled their spending on network equipment last year, paying a whopping $123 million on media gateways, media servers, soft-switches, voice application servers and other gear. This is good news for networking companies like Cisco, Lucent and Nortel, which are already heavily invested in the VoIP market.

Time Warner Cable decided to take a marketing risk in the hometown of SBC Communications and started marketing their cable VoIP services in order to drive cable TV and high-speed Internet sales in the San Antonio, Texas market. According to Sam Howe, senior vice president of marketing for VoIP at Time Warner, the results for getting people to switch from telephone wire to cable have been "extraordinary". Selling cable VoIP first, and then cable television and high-speed cable next had never been done before, but the success rate was phenomenal.

The success of cable VoIP may take a great deal of market share away from Vonage, the nation's largest VoIP service provicer, which runs primarily through DSL channels. The cable companies have an advantage in that they can control the throughput speeds and quality of service requirements for cable VoIP much easier than many upstart VoIP companies can. The companies selling cable VoIP service have done an excellent job in making cable telephone service look just like traditional telephone service to the consumers. This has been a major selling point according to many customer satisfaction surveys.

The majority of cable companies also offer emergency 911 service, battery backup and professional installation. Currently, many VoIP over DSL service providers do not offer full e911 service to all households, (though this is expected to change because of a ruling by the FCC that all providers must be e911 compliant by September, 2005). Cable VoIP is coming of age for one additional reason, which is that a large number of consumers have acquired a generalized distaste for the telephone companies and would like a viable alternative to their services.

Cable VoIP is not only coming of age, but its here to stay for a very long time. And you can believe that the other telecommunications companies are taking note.


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