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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

VoIP Web Conferencing

VoIP web conferencing is heating up. With VoIP web conferencing businesses will be able to go far beyond what traditional web conferencing now offers. Using VoIP web conferencing people will still be able to use standard features such as application sharing, whiteboards, and chat as with Microsoft's Live Meeting. But, VoIP web conferencing allows many more features that traditional conferencing solutions can even dare to imagine.

For instance, one major player in VoIP web conferencing is Macromedia and its Breeze 5 solution. Breeze 5 uses Flash to deliver online training, marketing, sales and web conferencing into a whole new multi-media experience. With 98-percent of all Internet browsers having the Flash player installed, VoIP web conferencing with Breeze 5 makes a lot of sense. Macromedia Breeze 5 lets non-technical subject matter experts use Microsoft PowerPoint to create dynamic include voice, video, and animations based presentations.

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The Breeze 5 VoIP web conferencing solution is made up of 4 major components: Training, Presenter, Events and Meetng. Breeze 5 Training providers rich, engaging live and self-paced training that traditional teleconferencing methods cannot achieve and at a lower cost. Trainers can build e-learning courses with narrated voiceovers while analyzing track-able page views and quiz results. Courses can also be conducted in real time incorporating video, voice and animation into the course presentations. The same features can be used for Meetings and Presentations as well.


In addition, classes, meetings and presentations can be recorded and archived for future use. Breeze 5 Events manages user registration, qualification, notification, automatic email reminders and tracking for large online seminars and presentations. It's no wonder that Adobe decided to buy Macromedia - just for the VoIP web conferencing system.

Another major player in the VoIP web conferencing market is AT&T Labs, which showed off a few of its prototypes at the VON Spring 2005 conference is San Jose, California. The AT&T Enhanced VoIP Controller is capable of transcribing conference calls using speech-to-text software that AT&T says is 85-percent accurate right out of the box. This success rate even applies without training the software to understand individual speakers, even those with accents over bad connections. Users can use Enhanced VoIP Controller to search the text for key words to find just the part of the conference they want and read the transcript. The software maps the text to an audio record of the call and users can identify the part of the transcript they'd like to hear, click their mouse and hear that segment of the conversation.

According to networkworld.com, "This enables people to quickly find pertinent parts of conferences, browse the transcript and then verify its accuracy by actually listening to key parts, AT&T says. While the call is being played back, what is being said can be displayed on a computer screen as text as each word is spoken, effectively creating closed captioning of the conversation. Listeners can speed up or slow down the replay to get to the parts they want to hear sooner." AT&T's VoIP web conferencing solutions will roll out this Fall, but the Lab personnel would not comment on whether all of the features would be included at this time.

There are many other VoIP web conferencing providers who are currently offer services that mimic traditional web conferencing solutions only at a lower cost. But, leave it to Macromedia and AT&T to think far outside the box and offer features that are sure to revolutionize the web conferencing marketplace. Perhaps this is why SBC bought AT&T - just for the VoIP web conferencing system.



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