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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

VoIP Solutions

VoIP solutions imply VoIP problems. In the past, the problems that need VoIP solutions centered around the quality of the voice signal. Well, today's VoIP is not your father's VoIP. The problem of old has led many companies to VoIP solutions that mean a clearer signal than is possible with current analog landline service.

There are however, three main issues, where VoIP solutions will need to be found in over for VoIP to take over the world. Emergency 911 services, power outages and mobile VoIP phone service will all need solutions before VoIP will be able to replace the other telecom services worldwide.


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Not to worry, though, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated that all phone service companies must offer standard e911 service by September 2005. This means that not only will the VoIP service providers have to offer this service, but the local phone companies will have to open up their emergency 911 services to the VoIP providers. This has met some resistence with the local Baby Bells, as you might imagine.


Power outages are the second safety feature that needs to be overcome with creative VoIP solutions since right now a residential power outage does not mean local phone service downtime. It is reassuring to many people to have their local phones "live" during a power outage. Using one's cell phone is the current workaround for those who already have residential VoIP service, though many VoIP companies are starting to add power backups to their hardware offerings.

The third VoIP solution that is needed for world domination is a way to replace cell phone service with VoIP phone service. Currently, wireless (or wVoIP) is dependent upon the location and reach of the WiFi hotspots. The WiFi hotspots do not have nearly the reach of the current cell phone microwave systems and may not be feasible on a large scale. It's unlikely that you're going to hear "Can you VoIP me now?" anytime soon.

One of the VoIP solutions for the cell phone service replacement dilemma may just be a hybrid cell-VoIP service. Currently, there are cell phone manufacturers who can developed dual-purpose cell phones that can connect with VoIP to hotspots when in a hotspot area and when outside the area use the standard cell phone network. This dual system will save the caller money when they are in hotspot areas such as airports, hotels and café's.

No matter what though, VoIP solutions are on the way. The technological cavalry is coming and in the not so near future, you'll be saying to your neighbor, "Got VoIP?"


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