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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

VoIP Software

VoIP software is just as essential as hardware for making VoIP work. VoIP software is commonly used on PC's as softphones in order to convert analog voice to digital packets, which are then sent over the Internet. Besides PC's VoIP software can also reside on handsets, gateways, VoIP servers and VoIP web conferencing equipment.

The most well-known VoIP software manufacturer for the PC is Skype, which offers a free downloadable softphone. This lets Skype users talk to other Skype users for free over the Internet. Canadian company XTen also offers a free downloadable softphone package as does SIPphone, Adoreinfotech, Adore, SoftGlobalPhone, CallToAll, SunRocket, SIPXPhone and Firefly.

Free VoIP Phone Systems Quotes from BuyerZone.com

VoIP gateway software is used to convert analog voice data into digital information, which can then be sent to a VoIP server where it is directed to its destination. Some of the functions of VoIP software at the gateway is to provide call control, call switching, DSP resource management and embedded H.323, MGCP/MEGACO or SIP protocols and Internet faxing.


VoIP server software usually centers around AAA - authentication, authorization and accounting. VoIP billing software usually enables pre-paid or post-paid billing options for call usage, provides the ability to offer flexible call plans and calculates comprehensive call rates through multiple VoIP call legs. In order to be effective, VoIP billing software needs to be integrated with popular gateways, gatekeepers, proxies and softswitches.

VoIP web conferencing software allows administrators to integrate Web, video, and voice in an IP-based software platform. Many VoIP web conferencing platforms will tie in with a company's existing VoIP infrastructure. Users can be given a choice to connect to a meeting via a traditional PSTN line or through VoIP on a PC. This gives VoIP web conferencing software more flexibility over typical PBX teleconferencing systems.

No matter which VoIP software package you're interested in, there are many manufacturers now days able to accommodate our needs. Whether you're seeking VoIP software for a customized workflow in business or for a standardized use such as on a home PC, all it usually takes is a little quick research to find the VoIP software product that's right for you.



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