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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

VoIP Hardware

VoIP hardware is essential to VoIP. Without quality VoIP hardware, Voice Over IP would only be a dream. There are three basic types of VoIP hardware that include residential VoIP hardware, business VoIP hardware and networking VoIP hardware.

Residential VoIP Hardware

Residential VoIP hardware may be as simple as using your PC or laptop with a high-speed Internet connection and some VoIP softphone software to make and receive calls. While not technically VoIP hardware, these two items are a requirement for VoIP. If you're not content in using a softphone, then some additional VoIP hardware will be required.

Free VoIP Phone Systems Quotes from BuyerZone.com

A VoIP phone, telephone adapter and / or gateway may all be necessary purchases in order to get the connection you need. A VoIP hard-phone is usually portable and lets you plug directly into a high-speed Internet connection wherever you may be. A VoIP telephone adapter lets you use your standard telephone and either plug it into a PC (with VoIP software) or directly into a high-speed Internet connection in order to make a call. A VoIP gateway or gateway / router combination may also be needed inside the home if more than one phone is required.


Business VoIP Hardware

The same kind of residential VoIP hardware can also be used for business as well, though many businesses need additional VoIP hardware that can be adapted to the needs of their operations. A few large companies like Cisco offer medium to large businesses VoIP PBX solutions that include VoIP hardware on the front end as well as VoIP hardware networking solutions on the back end. The front end VoIP hardware may include the VoIP phones and / or attendant console. Also VoIP web conferencing hardware can be used to deliver voice, video and animated presentations.

Networking VoIP Hardware

The back end VoIP hardware system will include a VoIP server, gateway / router and networking cable and may include special hardware for distributing calls to a customer service call center or for automated call center services. WiFi networking systems may also be incorporated into the overall business VoIP hardware landscape.

No matter what your VoIP hardware needs are, there are many manufacturers available from which you can choose the best solutions to fit your or your company's needs. Call now as VoIP operators are standing by.



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