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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

VoIP Books

VoIP books are a great way to learn Internet telephony fundamentals fast. With a few VoIP books in your lap (while you're at your laptop) and a Starbucks coffee in your hand, the learning will come easily. Several VoIP books are popular now, so with the help of Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com and some other sources we'll offer you the scoop on the latest and the greatest.

The first of the VoIP books to catch our eyes is "Voice over IP Fundamentals" by Jonathan Davidson, James Peters and Brian Gracely. The average customer gives this book a 3-star review. According to the Amazon editors, "The authors do a great service for readers by breaking packet telephony into its component technologies and explaining each one carefully." The Barnes & Noble editors, on the other hand, say, "Written for both data and voice networking professionals - even those without lengthy experience - the book covers all you'll need to know to get started."

Free VoIP Phone Systems Quotes from BuyerZone.com

The next VoIP book to get our attention is "Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project" by John Q. Walker, Jeffrey T. Hicks, rated with a 5-star average review. According to Amazon, the strength of this book is that "Many books contain technical details about VoIP, but few explain in plain language how to make it run successfully in an enterprise."


Barnes & Noble goes so far as to say, "It will help managers, implementers, and decision-makers understand how to build their project plans to incorporate voice over IP without problems."

The next VoIP book in the line-up is "Carrier Grade Voice Over IP" by Daniel Collins, which has gain a 5-star rating. A reviewer on the Amazon site named Kal says this, "Great book on VoIP, still emerging technology. It did a great job in explaining concepts related to QoS such as RSVP, DiffServ and MPLS." The Barnes & Noble editors rave about Collins' book saying, "Chock-full of practical, down-to-earth essentials, this book puts a bounty of technical information and design considerations at the reader's disposal for immediate use."

The last of the VoIP books for our review (for now) is "Practical VoIP Using VOCAL" by David G. Kelly, Cullen Jennings and Luan Dang. According to Amazon, this book "Explains how to implement a voice over IP (VoIP) system using the Vovida open communication application library (VOCAL). Instructions are provided for installing a phone system on both a PC running Linux and a multihost network." The folks at Barnes & Noble say, "While many books describe the theory behind Voice over IP, only Practical VOIP Using VOCAL describes how such a phone system was actually built, and how you too can acquire the source code, install it onto a system, connect phones, and make calls."

This is by no means a comprehensive list of VoIP books that are now available (just all we have time for at the moment). If you've reviewed another VoIP book not listed here and would like to share your review, simply drop us an email. Remember, only reviews of other author's VoIP books go here and not your own. If you have a VoIP book of your own you'd like to promote, send us an email for advertising details.




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