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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

VoIP Benefits

VoIP benefits are many. The top dog of all of the VoIP benefits is cost. All of the other VoIP benefits combined may not add up to the savings most consumers and companies alike experience when switching to VoIP. Those who switch to VoIP may expect savings of between 30 and 50-percent off of their traditional phone bills and sometimes more. This makes a big difference to those who have been disenchanted with the large phone companies and when it comes to large organizations, the savings can be in the millions.

A second VoIP benefit is clarity. A few years ago, talking through VoIP was like talking through a tin can with a string attached to another tin can. Calls were distorted, lagging and many time dropped. Well, times have changed and with new VoIP technologies the call clarity is better than ever.

Free VoIP Phone Systems Quotes from BuyerZone.com

With some VoIP service providers, consumers and businesspeople alike are reporting voice clarity that is better than that experienced on traditional landlines. While some of the VoIP providers deliver call clarity that is somewhere between that of a cell phone and a landline, it is clear that the days of the tin can calls is over.


Portability is also another feature of VoIP. With a VoIP hard-phone or a regular phone with a VoIP adapter, users can make calls from around the world from anyplace where there is high-speed Internet access. And these calls will be relatively cheap, too. In addition, wireless VoIP or wVoIP can take advantage of low cost calls from anywhere there is a WiFi hotspot around the globe. Typical spots may be airports, hotels, cafes and other locations.

Another benefit of VoIP is not being tied to a geographical location. If you live in California and most of your relatives are in Michigan, you can sign up for a VoIP number in Michigan so that when your relatives call you it's a local call instead of long distance call and much cheaper for them. Most VoIP providers, with their monthly service plans, also offer free calling within the U. S. and some in Canada as well so cost savings are experienced by both you and your relatives.

Another of the big VoIP benefits is features. While the traditional phone companies charge for features like call waiting and caller ID, many VoIP service providers offer these as standard with their packages. Call forwarding, call blocking and voicemail are also offered as standard features by many VoIP service providers.

No matter what, though, it is clear for many that the VoIP benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Now is a great time to get started in VoIP.



Get with the VoIP program and start saving money today!



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