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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.


VoIP PBX can replace traditional PBX systems for businesses at a fraction of the costs. VoIP PBX not only provide the same services but some enhancements as well. When a VoIP PBX system is based on the SIP protocol it offers advantages in flexibility and scalability that many other systems simply cannot offer.

In order to figure out your requirements for your organization's new VoIP PBX system, you'll need to analyze the features and functionality that works best for your company's particular situation. For example, if your company currently has a traditional PBX system and wishes to upgrade to a VoIP PBX system, the first bit of information you'll need to find out is the number of concurrent, simultaneous calls supported on the current system so that your new system can accommodate this same number as well.

Free VoIP Phone Systems Quotes from BuyerZone.com

The next bit of information you'll need to know for your new VoIP PBX system is how you'll want the system to field calls. Does your organization need direct calling to each individual phone or do you want an operator to intercept and relay the calls? If choosing to have calls fielded by an operator then an attendant console will be necessary. If you'd like an automated attendant to direct calls to specific extensions through a menu system, then you'll need a reporting system for call-completion rate to see if an inordinate amount of people drop out, thus warranting some additional adjustments.


Perhaps you'll need your new VoIP PBX system to have an automatic call distributor so that incoming calls go to a pool of customer-service representatives. You'll also need the VoIP PBX system to have a monitoring system for answered calls, hold times and call completion rates.

Most VoIP PBX systems currently developed will handle several different protocols. The most important (and common) of these protocols is H.323 and SIP. The H.323 protocol has been around for years and SIP has become the new standard, which has many advantages over other protocols. Besides the H.323 and SIP protocols, VoIP PBX also needs to interface with traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) systems. Most SIP/H323/PSTN PBX systems are in one of three styles, Open Source, Proprietary and Virtual.

Asterisk is the most notable of the Open Source VoIP PBX solutions. The Asterisk software runs on Linux and provides the ability to interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware. Ericcson and a few others offer proprietary solutions that integrates fixed and mobile telephony, IP phones, PC softphones, cordless phones, mobile/cellular phones, digital phones and IP Gateways. VocalTec and Zultys Technologies are a couple of the companies that offer virtual VoIP PBX solutions.

For those small businesses who may be too small for a full-blown VoIP PBX system but still need to project a big image, then a virtual PBX service such as that from GotVMail may be just what your business needs. This system delivers everything that an in-house system can without all the overhead.

No matter what, though, when it's time to upgrade it is certainly time to get off the old PBX system and upgrade to the latest and most cost-effective technology that a VoIP PBX solution has to offer whether that means in in-house system or an outsourced service.



Get with the VoIP program and start saving money today!



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