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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

VoIP Alerts

The VoIP Alerts page is intended to bring you the latest happenings within the VoIP industry. This page is updated weekly with the latest news, views and clues as to where the industry is going. Check back often to get your latest VoIP alert and see what is happening in the VoIP community.

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According to Scanit security specialists, many large VoIP installation are lax on security, which can lead to unwanted wiretapping. Many large installations that were audited had no encryption on the voice stream and the primary reason for the lack of security was the lack of understanding at the highest technical levels of how to secure the system.

As of November 2008, the U. S. Patent Office has issued 2,049 patents related to VoIP technology. In-Stat has predicted that VoIP phone shipments will increase from 10 million in 2006 to 146 million by 2010. But, all this growth is not without its drawbacks as VoIP giant Vonage has been battling 5 patent infringement lawsuits since 2005.

Northern Michigan University has converged mobile VoIP and data wireless LAN using Meru networking equipment. This spearheads a trend in education to go to an all wireless mobile VoIP network on campuses. Michigan VoIP is itself a hot ticket now days as many consumers in the Great Lake State has been switching over in droves. Michigan VoIP though is vulnerable to the same problems as other states, namely 911 service and the Michigan state government is working with VoIP service providers over this issue.

Mobile VoIP, which was once a pipe dream has come closer to reality as Microsoft, Nokia, and Skype Technologies have all announced phone-based mobile VoIP products. The separate announcements for mobile VoIP were made at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The world's largest computer chip-maker, Intel is teaming up with German comglomerate Siemens to collaborate on new Internet telephony technology. The two companies are co-funding research on secure wireless networks and real-time VoIP communications.

Comcast has announced that they've hit the 1 million VoIP subscriber mark this year. Overall, inside the Internet telephony provider industry, 11,000 VoIP subscribers are being added per day across all companies.

According to Telephia, a San Francisco performance measuring firm, residential VoIP service rose 30-percent from the first quarter of 2006 to the second quarter. VoIP was used to replace or complement landline service in 2.9 million households in the second quarter, up from 2.2 million households in the first.

An article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel called "VoIP makes phone system hurricane-resistant" points out that those with VoIP phones that are not tied to geographical locations, make fleeing an impending storm easier for both residential customers and businesses.

Businesses running Asterisk PBX and IAX client, two open source applications for VoIP, need to patch their software quickly in order to avoid hacker attacks, according to the latest reports. These two VoIP applications have been found to be vulnerable to buffer overflows in VoIP networks.

The Vonage initial public offering (IPO) fell pretty flat as investors yawned and then voiced concerns about competition from the cable companies and traditional phone companies in the coming months and years. The stock fell 13-percent on the first day of trading, when it began at $17 per share.

Cisco Systems has stated the demand for VoIP in Germany continues to grow. Cisco has stated that Telefonica has deployed one of the largest PGW networks from Cisco to date.

Verizon Business has announced VoIP Gateway Service, which allows its wholesale customers to offer global call termination and full IP Telephony to PSTN trunking services inside of one product.

The U. S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered VoIP companies and other broadband companies to allow snooping. This will allow the NSA, CIA, FBI and other law enforcement agencies to combat crime and support homeland security. The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) will also help police fight child predators.

Yahoo and AT&T have teamed up to offer advertisers high-speed service and VoIP technology. Yahoo's Messenger Service with VoIP capabilities will now by dually branded with AT&T. This means AT&T will not be Yahoo's network termination provider of choice.

Sprint Nextel has announced that it now offers VoIP phone service to more than 1 million customers, through partnerships with cable TV operators. This number quadrupled in 2005 alone, generating a total of $100 million in revenue.

Skype, which eBay acquired last September in a deal worth US$2.6 billion, said it would acquire San Francisco-based Sonorit Holdings and its U.S. subsidiary, Camino Networks. This transaction gives Skype direct access to technology it currently licenses from third parties.

Just six to nine months ago, only 16 per cent of Quebec consumers and 22 per cent of Ontario consumers surveyed in a Bell study knew about voice over Internet protocol or VoIP phone services and could name a provider. Today this has changed.VoIP awareness has jumped, reaching 33 per cent in Quebec and 47 per cent in Ontario, according to data compiled at the end of 2005 from another Bell survey.

As buzz continues to build over Apple's fabled 'iPhone,' speculation increases that such a cell phone will eventually take advantage of voice over IP (VoIP), which is projected to eventually cause serious problems for cell carriers.

Avaya Inc. and Samsung Electronics have inked a deal to jointly develop and market converged IP communications solutions to businesses. In addition to integrating each others technologies, the partners will collaborate in the developments on a range of voice and video products, leveraging Avaya's strengths in Voice over IP (VoIP) and Samsung's position in the mobile communications market.

Greater China is the world's largest supplier of VoIP products, accounting for more than half of global output. In 2006, manufacturers are set to further boost production to meet growing demand.

A new study from the organisers of the VoIP for Business event (Olympia Conference Centre, London, 22nd and 23rd March 2006) reveals that businesses now consider ‘simplifying internal communications’ and ‘enhancing flexible working’ just as important a reason for investing in IP telephony technology as ‘reducing communications costs’. Each was rated as ‘very important’ in their decision to invest by 55% of respondents to the study.

VOIP service provider Vonage filed for IPO to raise about $250 million. Vonage is supposed to have 1.4 million subscriber lines. The issue is that cost per subscriber is raising and Vonage is making losses. Additionally, Skype has lost 50% market share within 12 month in Europe indicating the VOIP market is still highly voilatile.

VOIP is now a mainstream telecom service in Central and Eastern Europe following a raft of deployments by service providers in the region, with IP telephony system vendors Cirpack and NetCentrex SA the main beneficiaries. Softswitch maker Cirpack, now part of Thomson has just announced two new deployments, in Croatia and Slovenia, to add to the tranche of Eastern European customers it revealed last November.

According to VoIP Magazine, which cits the Yankee Group, VoIP service is on a fast track to becoming a major force in the business world.. The group predicts that the business VoIP market will leap to almost $3.3 billion by 2010, from $840 million by the end of 2005.

Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries is installing voice over IP-based (VoIP) systems to improve services and reduce costs. The independent brewing and pub company, whose brands include Marston’s Pedigree and the 2,300-strong chain of Pathfinder and Union Pubs, plans to use the technology initially for telephony in its contact centres, but will later extend it to cover data services.

Microsoft has unveiled a range of VoIP-enabled phones, developed in cooperation with Philips Electronics and the US unit of Japanese manufacturer Uniden. Demonstrated at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, the phones can be used for a normal landline or internet calls and were developed to facilitate use of Microsoft's Live Messenger.

At the pulvermedia Consumer VoIP Summit co-located at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, Level 3 Communications announced the results from its second Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) consumer research study. "VoIP awareness increased from 40 percent in 2004 to 66 percent in 2005..."


Leading VoIP provider Vonage said Wednesday that its entire customer base has access to enhanced emergency 911 services. “Today, any Vonage customer in the U.S. who dials 911, will get help when they need it most,” read the announcement. Providing E911 E911 capability has held up the deployment of many VoIP providers and Vonage was no exception. The Federal Communications Commission extended the deadline for compliance to Nov. 28, but then extended it beyond that date without naming a specific date for compliance.

In order to compete with Skype, Yahoo has decided to add a new paid service to its Yahoo Messenger offerings. According to a Yahoo press release, "Yahoo's new 'Phone Out' option enables users to call regular and mobile phones for one cent per minute in the United States and two cents a minute to about 30 other countries, including calls to Argentina, Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea." Users can also sign up to receive unlimited calls from anywhere for about $30 per year.

Yak Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:YAKC), a provider of telecommunications services to residential and business customers, announced today that it has joined forces with Emergent Network Solutions, Inc. and DaVinci Integration Inc. to provide users of its new yakForFree VoIP service (www.yakforfree.com) with an easy means for upgrading to local/long-distance VoIP-to-PSTN services. This sophisticated, prepaid VoIP capability is a standard feature of the new yakForFree virtual videophone service, which debuts today.

VoIP is still an unknown word for most consumers. This is according to a Harris Interactive poll last Spring 2005 that said that 36-percent of consumers don't use VoIP because they don't know enough about it. Even, worse, a more recent poll says that most consumers think that VoIP is either a new, fuel-efficient automobile or a brand of vodka. Fortunately, few of those who think VoIP is a brand of vodka are VoIP-ing and driving at the same time.

A federal court has refused to push back the deadline date for Internet phone operators to move towards a more adequate emergency dialing service. The decision, by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, means VOIP (voice over IP) providers still face the Nov. 28 deadline to comply with some new federal 911 rules, or risk not being allowed to sign up new customers. - PC Magazine

Already on a tear, VoIP service is predicted to grow 18-fold -- from $1.24 billion in 2004 to $23.4 billion in 2009 -- representing total revenues of $62 billion to be spent on the technology over the five-year period, according to a report released Wednesday. The figures were contained in a report from Infonetics that also predicted 24 million subscribers will be using VoIP service in 2008.

Juniper Networks has announced a network security solution designed to defend voice over IP (VoIP) systems from session initiation protocol (SIP)-based attacks.
The Dynamic Threat Mitigation solution brings Juniper's routers and intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) systems with its service deployment system (SDX) to create a single unified security solution. The solution mitigates SIP-based denial of service (DoS) attacks and worms by allowing enterprises and providers to identify and respond to them individually.

IPv6 is now gaining momentum globally, with a lot of interest and activity in Europe and Asia. It also is gaining traction in the U.S., and it is only a matter of time before a transition to IPv6 will occur worldwide. IPv6 offers the potential for achieving the scalability, reachability, end-to-end interworking, QoS and commercial-grade robustness necessary if VoIP is to replace the TDM infrastructure on a global basis.

Hackers will attack voice over IP (VoIP) telephone conversations with spam and malicious code within two years, equipment manufacturer Nortel has claimed. Companies using VoIP and other multimedia services, such as videoconferencing, should plan to defend against unsolicited adverts appearing mid-conversation, the company said.

Sprint Nextel Corp. on Tuesday said it has sued Vonage Holdings Corp., Voiceglo Holdings Inc. and Theglobe.com Inc., accusing them of infringing on seven patents related to Internet telephony technology. The patent-infringement lawsuit, filed in federal court in Kansas by one of Sprint Nextel's subsidiaries, seeks an injunction that would bar the defendants from using the communication company's patented technology. The suit also seeks unspecified monetary damages.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission said it would give VoIP providers more time to receive acknowledgements from customers if their network doesn’t provide access to 911 emergency lines. The FCC said it won’t begin enforcing the rule until October 31, instead of this Wednesday, but only if the VoIP providers submit a status report by October 25. Many VoIP providers have already submitted reports, and the FCC has felt encouraged so far by the level of compliance.

Vonage, a leading provider of broadband phone service, has announced it is rolling out emergency 911 service to let users know how their e911 calls will be handled. Vonage is the first Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider to utilize TeleCommunication Systems' (TCS) recently introduced VoIP Verify™ service. Designed for mobility, VoIP Verify provides Vonage subscribers with a simple tool to determine the availability and extent of the individual's emergency services coverage from the caller's current registered location.

UBS Investment Research maintained a "neutral" rating on Lucent Technologies (nyse: LU - news - people ) and said the network equipment maker may be close to landing a VoIP contract with a major telecommunications carrier and that carrier is likely to be Bell South.

eBay, Inc. has purchased Skype for a cool $2.6 billion in cash and company stock. Although eBay is touting this move as a way to integrate its eBay and Paypal into the communications business using Skype, insiders doubt this will happen and Skype will remain a standalone application.

First Amendment is accepting 100 members for an initial trial of their innovative new service. By agreeing to listen to a short ad at the beginning of the calls that they initiate, consumers will have access to free VoIP (Voice over IP) service that will allow them to call anywhere in the US 48 states plus Canada. Those interested in taking part in the beta will need to have their own broadband connection and First Amendment will provide the Voice over IP (VoIP) service and adapter.

A recent report by In-Stat found that large and middle-scale companies show a higher percentage of concerns about VoIP security than small-scale companies. The report also states that budgets allocated for new security appliances are significantly higher in companies that have already implemented VoIP. In addition, reliability is apparently the most important criteria for the purchase of new security appliance products.

TigerJet Network, Inc. announced its Tiger560C as the world's first single chip solution for interfacing any standard phone to a USB port to provide VoIP functionality. TigerJet Network believes that integrating all of the required features into a single chip changes the economic argument so dramatically that VoIP solutions will migrate from using dedicated handsets or headsets towards the use of standard phones to provide that functionality. The Tiger560C enables the use of the same phone (including cordless phones) for all phone calls whether those calls are regular calls or calls using a VoIP service like Skype.

Verizon said that a Harris Poll found that 87 percent of the respondents did not know VoIP allows phone calls to be made over the Internet rather than traditional telecom networks.

Some consumers ventured that VoIP was a type of hybrid automobile while others guessed it was a new brand of low-carb vodka, Verizon said in a release.

Silicon Valley solutions provider, Marvel, announced "a family of highly integrated VoIP solutions targeted at the rapidly growing, Internet voice communications market. The Marvell 88W8618 has been designed specifically for ultra-low power Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) handsets with other members of the Marvell 88W86 family targeted at VoIP residential gateways. Each product integrates VoIP processing, low power WiFi circuitry, a high-performance host CPU and peripherals into single system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions."

Microsoft has acquired Teleo, a small San Francisco start-up which sells software to let people make calls from computers to traditional telephones for from PC to PC with the aid of their software. Microsoft is expected to roll the Teleo software into its MSN Messenger service and compete with Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger.

With voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology surging in popularity among consumers, cable operators are starting to grab a lion’s share of the new broadband voice market, according to the latest research from Cable Digital News publisher Kinetic Strategies.

North American MSOs easily surpassed the 1 million mark for total VoIP subscribers in the second quarter after signing up slightly more than 470,000 new IP phone customers during the three-month period. U.S. and Canadian cable operators ended the quarter with almost 1.4 million VoIP customers, more than half of the estimated 2.4 to 2.7 million VoIP subscribers throughout the continent.


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