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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

SIP Phones

SIP phones have come of age. Only a year ago SIP phones were too big, too expensive and in doubt of making it in the marketplace. SIP wasn't even the major established VoIP protocol like it is today, so how could phones based on SIP even survive? But they did. And the field of SIP phones grows bigger every month.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a simple, ASCII-based protocol that uses requests and responses to establish communication among the various components in the network and to ultimately establish, maintain, and terminate calls between two or more end points. SIP was established by the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF's) as a standard for multimedia conferencing over IP.

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Besides SIP, another VoIP protocol is H.323, which originated as an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) multimedia standard and is used for both packet telephony and video streaming. Most current SIP phones will handle both protocols effectively. Because VoIP is an emerging technology, growing by leaps and bounds and expected to be the telecom system of choice over the next several years, the SIP phone market is ever growing and changing as well. On this page, we're introducing some of the current major players in the SIP phone market.


Cisco isn't just for backbones anymore. Cisco is now one of the major players in the SIP phone, VoIP phone market. Cisco IP Phones 7971G-GE, 7970G, 7960G, 7940G, 7912G and 7905G feature pixel-based LCD displays, offering dynamic soft keys that guide a user through call features and functions, and can support additional information services including Extensible Markup Language (XML) capabilities.

Nortel Networks has developed the i2004 Internet Telephone, which is an IP-enabled set that supports business features over a standard Ethernet connection. A large multi-field LCD display features six user-programmable, self-labeling feature keys. The Nortel IP Phone 2004 delivers traditional business communications in a network controlled by a Nortel Business Communications Manager, Meridian 1, Communication Server 1000, Communication Server 1000M or Multimedia Communications Server 5100.

Siemens offers the first universal telephone supporting SIP, IP and TDM in what they're calling the OptiPoint 600 office. The OptiPoint 600 Office is Siemens flagship Internet phone system, which supports feature updates via software download (via FTP) and SIP, TCP/IP, FTP, DHCP, SNMP, SNTP, HTTP protocols.

The Avaya 4602SW IP Phone supports two modes of operation, H.323 and SIP for use with Avaya Converged Communications Server or 3rd party SIP communications servers. According to Avaya, their 4600 line of IP phones provides, "An enterprise communication system serving many locations that extends the headquarters' capabilities throughout the organization regardless of location."

No matter which of the SIP phones strikes your fancy, it is important to research the companies' offerings thoroughly in order to get exactly what you need. Whether you're looking simply for a SIP phone or a whole corporate network system, make sure you keep interoperability issues at the forefront of your agenda when doing the research.



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